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Chromatic Slur Workout for Guitar

Becoming proficient at slurs (hammer-ons and pull-offs) on the guitar is necessary work preparing us for the left hand techniques used in many pieces. Finger strength, accuracy, distance judgment across the fret-span in different positions and many other technical aspects are enhanced when we independently practise slur exercises.

The following idea utilizes many left hand slur combinations, shifting between two positions on the neck of the guitar. The time signature change, while maintaining stress on the downbeat, requires focus on the constancy of the eighth note. Before long, the goal is to have the slurs sounding clearly, as the fingers tap the neck with a bit of attack and instancy. Play it with a metronome to be honest and accurate, and contunue on all strings - good luck and enjoy the half-steps!

- S. Weiss

chromatic guitar slur workout

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